The cause of iPhone 15 overheating was found! 

Apple urgently launches “iOS 17.0.3” to fix the vulnerability. People’s actual test results: the phone will become cold

iphone 15.

Overheating issues have been reported as soon as the iPhone 15 series was launched. Apple updated the software to iOS 17.0.3 on the 5th, claiming that it has been successfully resolved. 

Apple officially released the new version of iOS 17.0.3 again this morning (5), which has been the third update of the software since it went on sale at the end of September, again causing controversy. The iPhone 15 series has received mixed reviews since its release, with most people complaining about “overheating issues,” and Apple previously publicly admitted that the new iPhone 15 series does have overheating, pointing to one of the factors being a system bug in iOS 17, which was officially addressed in this iOS 17.0.3 software update.

Apple recently issued a public statement pointing out the reasons for the overheating of the iPhone 15 series:

First of all, there was an error in the iOS system itself, and this time Apple released iOS 17.0.3 urgently, mainly to solve the overheating problem that caused the system. iOS 17.0.3 sparked a lot of controversy when it was released, with one netizen commenting on the mobile01 forum: “Simple stress test for 1 hour, the temperature reached a maximum of 42 degrees last Monday, and today’s update was only 37.1 degrees,” indicating that the temperature dropped after the software update was felt.

Initial data transfer and backup recovery

Secondly, the official statement stated that due to the initial need to transfer a large amount of data and restore backups, the background Spotlight search engine was temporarily overburdened (searching for files, downloading applications), resulting in an overheating situation. It is recommended that users restore data before Avoid heavy use for several days

Some apps have poor compatibility with the system

Thirdly, Apple pointed out that some APPS are not compatible with iOS 17, causing users to overload the system after downloading the APP, leading to overheating. Apps with obvious overheating include Instagram (IG), Uber, Wild Rush 9: Racing Legends, and others. APPLE CONTACTED THE DEVELOPERS OF EACH APPLICATION A DAY AGO TO WORK TOGETHER TO FIX THIS BUG.

In addition to the official statement, many phone repairers have speculated that Apple has continued to try to reduce the weight of the phone in recent years, perhaps sacrificing heat dissipated media or space, but Apple has not responded to this.

Regarding the cooling situation after the iOS 17.0.3 update, most of the public expressed a positive opinion, pointing out that there was a marked improvement in the conditions of gaming, heating when charging, and even a message saying: “Updating to 17.0.3 my phone will get cold…” However, many people have pointed out that iOS 17.0.3 does not seem to solve the problem of fast power consumption We need to continue to observe. And Apple’s official also said that in addition to overheating issues, iOS 17.0.3 simultaneously fixed 2 security vulnerabilities, urging users to update as soon as possible.

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