How to use ChatGPT and what is GPT-4? Will ChatGpt destroy humans? 

An article to understand the registration steps and the principles behind it!

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This article will take you step by step to understand what ChatGPT is, how to use it, and related information, allowing you to keep up with the latest hot topics.

The development of AI artificial intelligence is increasingly mature, this time many users share their conversations with AI on Facebook or IG.

These questions and answers with AI are an AI chat robot called “ChatGPT”. AI chatbot, as long as the user enters the text, you can give the corresponding answer. Occasionally the answer will be inaccurate, but being able to get a complete text reply through such a simple input command is really a great technological innovation. 

This article will take you step by step to understand what ChatGPT is, how to use it, and related information, allowing you to keep up with the latest hot topics.

How to use ChatGpt? Do I need to pay for it?

ChatGpt is a popular AI chat gpt development company for OpenAI. ChatGPT is currently a free online program. Click on the registration page on the official website, and enter the specific instructions to talk to AI.
However, on February 1 ChatGPT launched a paid plan ChatGPT Plus, priced at $20 a month, giving you unlimited time, faster replies, and more than the previous free version.

Paid plans are initially available to US customers only and will be available to users in different countries and regions in the future.

How to use ChatGPT Step 1: Register

How to use ChatGPT Step 1 Register

After clicking on the gateway, select “Sign up“, then enter your email, password, mobile phone and other information, and receive the verification email in your mailbox; you can also quickly register directly with a Google or Microsoft account. After registration, click ” Log in” to log in.

Those who do not have an account must register before they can use ChatGPT.

create your account chatgpt

Step 2 of how to use ChatGPT: Data verification

Enter your name, verify your phone, and receive an SMS verification code.

Step 3: ChatGpt how to use “Enter content in the dialog below”

ChatGpt how to use

Enter the content to start the conversation and ask the robot to answer questions in english during the conversation. It is recommended that everyone use “command, problem-solving guide” to and the robot question and answer, more can get a complete reply, the following example:

Example 1: Ask ChatGPT to write an email or love letter (clearly explain the purpose and target of the writing, and ask for help in a problem-solving-oriented way )

Want to confess afraid of bad writing, or a poor delivery, ChatGPT robot can help you generate confession love letters.

Example 2: Ask ChatGPT to write the code

Programs such as html syntax and web page layout commonly used by text authors can also be generated using ChatGPT. (Picture/interception from ChatGPT)

How ChatGpt works?

ChatGpt is a set of “text generation” technology, which means that the AI can judge through the text you type, and produce the corresponding reply.

However, in the early days of the technology may be due to factors such as AI database, calculation methods, etc., with adequate training and technical maturity, analyzing a large amount of text can give more and more accurate answers.

Like everyone’s common Siri is a tool to answer through AI, but ChatGPT can answer your needs and even write CODE for you.

Who developed ChatGpt?

Chat GPT is a tool developed by Open AI in San Francisco, USA, where Tesla founder Elon Musk is also one of the founders. However, Musk left Open AI in 2018 because of disagreement with other founders on the direction of development.

ChatGpt came out What occupations would people be threatened?

ChatGPT supports multiple languages ​​and has caused a stir in the community since its release. The intuitiveness of use and the accuracy of answers are also better than many text-generation tools

ChatGPT continues to improve its ability to generate content, which makes people worry about whether text workers and engineers who write programs will be replaced in the future.

While the text and coding capabilities of ChatGPT still differ greatly from real human implementations, some workers and search engine giant Google are likely to be disruptive as the information matures in ChatGPT.

Will ChatGpt destroy humans?

A foreign engineer Zac Denham (Zac Denham) recently induced ChatGPT to write a “plan to destroy mankind”, detailed to include invading computer systems in various countries, destroying communications, destroying traffic systems, controlling weapons, and other steps.

Highly similar to human beings, with smooth syntax, and detailed plan content. Thankfully, the current ChatGpt project only exists in conversations.

What are the limitations of ChatGpt?

Can the birth of ChatGpt help students write papers and write reports for office workers?

Since AI’s text generation technology continues to learn from the Internet to write appropriate content, if the wrong message is caught while fetching the wrong message, the response will naturally be affected. Furthermore, ChatGPT is difficult to answer correctly when the question is not clear enough.

More powerful GPT-4 than ChatGpt

Recently, OpenAI once again released shocking news that ChatGPT has evolved to GPT-4. In addition to being smarter and text input than ChatGPT, GPT-4 is able to support image recognition.

What is more advanced AutoGPT than GPT-4?

Chatgpt is still the biggest pain point of GPT-4 is to keep asking questions because AI does not have the ability to think autonomously. In contrast, AutoGPT is able to ask questions and conduct conversations on its own, so it has recently received special attention in the GitHub open source software.

A developer named significant Ggravitas recently released a tool called AutoGitPT on the open source GitHub platform. This tool is based on GPT-4 technology and has the ability to operate autonomously by AI. In other words, the user does not need to provide hints for each operation step.

ChatGpt evolution! Provide instant answers

OpenAI posted on social media X that “Browsing is now available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, and we will soon expand this to all users.

To enable this feature, please click on Bing on GPT-4, ChatGPT, a chatGPT developed chatGPT that can now browse the web, in other words, to provide users with current information, no longer limited to data prior to September 2021.

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