For TSMC, Germany builds new water plant! on Elbe River

Semiconductor clusters consume huge amounts of water, equivalent to the water consumption of an entire city

TSMC, Germany builds new water plant! on Elbe River

Germany builds new water plant for TSMC.

To meet TSMC’s water needs, Dresden, the capital of Saxony, Germany, will build a new waterworks on the river, where the extracted river water will drain into the river after use and treatment, without using too much river water.

Dresden plans to build a new water plant on the Elbe in the northwestern suburbs, together with the expansion of the original water plant, with a total investment of 3 million euros by the public companies Sachsen Energie and Saxony, The federal government of Saxony and the city of Dresden are jointly distributed.

Solving the water problem can ensure investment in semiconductor factories

Oliver Schenk, Secretary to the Prime Minister of Saxony, said that IC is one of the most important companies in the world, and Dresden is important to Saxony, Germany and Europe.

He said that only three conditions such as government subsidies, sufficient talent and ensuring water use are met, the semiconductor industry will invest, so the federal government has been trying to solve the water problem.

This newly built water plant is expected to be completed before 2030. Not only can it extract water from the Elbe River to supply the wafer factory’s manufacturing needs, but a sewage treatment plant will be built next to it to discharge the treated wastewater into the river.

Saxon Energy, the company leading the construction, emphasized that due to the use of a recycling system, up to 90% of the extracted river water will be discharged back into the river, and not much river water will actually be used.

In addition to TSMC, which is expected to be commissioned in 2027, the German chipmaker Infineon has also recently expanded. The water consumption of the entire Dresden semiconductor cluster is quite spectacular in the future, which the Saxony energy company estimates will be equivalent to that of the entire city of Dresden.

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