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google merchant center

Sharing 12 major functions of Google Merchant, come and improve your business opportunities through Google Merchant!

In the digital age, the web has become the primary channel for finding business information, and Google is the preferred search engine for many. However, did you know? In addition to building a website, you can increase your business’s online visibility by creating Google My Business, and let’s explore how Google My Business can bring more business to your business.

Whether you’re a merchant, a business, a customer, or a Google My Business user, what exactly is Google My Business?

1. What is Google My Business? Business display window on the map

Google My Business (GMB), formerly known as Google My Business, is now officially renamed “Google Business Profile Business Profile”, a free tool provided by Google that allows you to display your business information on Google search and maps.

It provides the following 12 items:

  • 1. Edit business profile
  • 2. Read reviews
  • 3.Message
  • 4. Add new pictures
  • 5. Check the results
  • 6. Advertisement
  • 7. Edit products or services
  • 8. Editing services
  • 9. Booking
  • 10. Q&A
  • 11. Add the latest news
  • 12. Request comments

2. From search results to doorstep customer flow: the key to business exposure

By creating a complete Google merchant center profile, you can put your store information in front of potential customers. When users search for keywords related to your business, your store information has the chance to appear at the top of search results, making your service content more visible.
Moreover, users can see your customer reviews and feedback in the merchant’s profile, which will help build your brand’s reputation and reputation. When users decide to visit your physical store, they already know about you and can greatly increase the conversion rate of actual visitors.

For users, the review mechanism is also humanized. It is a process of digitizing word of mouth marketing. By viewing the content and number of reviews, users can quickly know the advantages of a store, while having a basis for allowing merchants to constantly optimize their own services, bringing closer the distance between users and merchants. A win-win situation.

3. “Google Local Guide” gives users more opportunities to interact with businesses and give feedback!

Google Local Guides is a global community of Google Maps where users can use their existing Google Account to become a local guide and earn a specific discount coupon or offer by posting reviews, photos, and experiences on Google Maps.

From the merchant’s perspective, it is recommended that merchants invite local guides to experience the store and ask them to leave comments, thereby accumulating valuable comments on their own merchant profile.

The above is an introduction to Google My Business. Whether you’re a merchant or a user, let’s leave a trail of our experiences together and build a user-friendly web environment!

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