Japanese Drama Recommendation 16 must-see new dramas (2023-2024)

“A Man Dresses Up as a Housekeeper” returns for Season 6, and the live-action version of “Party Girl Kong Ming” perfectly reproduces the original work

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16 new Japanese dramas, including “Don’t Cross Time and Space, Lovers”, “My Second Youth”, “Fermat’s Cooking”, will accompany you in 2024

For anime fans who love a “pure love story”, the biggest news this time should be that the cast of the main character was revealed for the first time after Takagi Students Who Are Good at Catching People announced the release of the live-action version.

Many fans have always had a mindset of expectation and fear of being hurt when it comes to their favorite anime themes, especially the approximation of the angles, the way the plot is restored, and directly influenced the popularity of this adaptation. Like the recent live-action movie Zombie 100 and the Hollywood adaptation of The Sailor, the former were reviled and the latter blasted, and fates were all the same.

As an example of Japanese dramas, about 1/ 3 works are adapted per season. Whether from novels, comics, or animations, many successful works have been adapted. For example, the romanticized reality show “The Monthly Salary”, the classic musical romance “The Symphony of Valentine’s Dreams”, or the series “The Shoreline Companion”, which was recently released on television, have all been adapted to “Circling” as landmark works.

In addition to the six daytime dramas that were analyzed in depth in the “Change of Days Line” this season, the writers also selected 11 fall dramas with equally strong strengths, including “Don’t cross time and space, lovers”, “Fima’s Cuisine”, which also explores the present and the future, and “Fima’s Cuisine”, which also features Nana Hamotashi. Played in the cute crime detective “Death!”. With these 16 works, we hope to be able to accompany readers to watch Japanese dramas during the balmy autumn season:

1. “Beloved Flower”

beloved lover

Release date: 2023/10/13
Plot type: romance, group portrait, relationship
Main actors: Mikako Tabe, Kohei Matsushita, Kamio Maple, Imada Mio, Saito Asuka
Follow broadcast platform: KKTV Exclusive follow broadcast

In the phenomenal japanese drama romantic daytime drama “silent”, which was a hit last fall, producer Kin Murase and screenwriter Miku reunite to create a new kind of love story!
Unlike silent’s eroticism and warmth, Love’s Flower explores the emotional relationship between men and women. The story is based on the four main characters, detailing their friendship, love, and subtle feelings of both non-friend and non-love.

The story is based on Shio Yue Kue, played by Miwako, and co-starred by Matsushita Hira, Kinoo Amojo, Mikura Imada. Although many of the characters played fewer roles in the past, it was possible to see his deep acting prowess from last year’s Defending the Home. (Related report: “I’m not going to work harder than now, I’m going to work on time!”

In addition, there are plenty of sparks to look forward to this piece of sparkle, Matsushita Ahira, whose character is a deep figure at the Favourites Exhibition, and Imaeda Mirakura, which makes a splash of pink in the film My Happy Wedding.

“Is there pure friendship between men and women?” This is a long-standing question about gender equality, and the central theme of the play, which seems to have a similar structure to “Look Here”, but the drama may look very different from a female perspective. Also, it is curious what kind of presentation this drama will be, which will be based on the “love drama” for 10 hours.

2. “Don’t cross time, lovers”

Don't cross time, Riho Yoshioka, Eita Nagayama lovers japanese drama

Broadcast date: 2023/10/11
Plot type: romance, fantasy
Main actors: Riho Yoshioka, Eita Nagayama
Follow-up platform: To be determined

In a love relationship, you don’t find the “right person” for life; when you meet each other, you’re at the “right time.” But what is the right time?

“Don’t Cross Time, Lovers” is about maximizing the “time” element in a love relationship and using the dimension of time as the grand framework of the plot, and embarks on a fantastic adventure across time and space.

A TIME PATROL OFFICER FROM THE FUTURE, SHIO IURASHIO (YING-TAISHA YINGSHAN), IS IN CHARGE OF HUNTING DOWN ILLEGAL TIME TRAVELERS, INCLUDING “CROSS-TIME LOVERS”. As a result, he embarks on a search operation with a modern Shibuki (Yoshiokari Sail) who grew up in modern times. However, the two meet was not a coincidence, and a heart-rending love song is hidden behind it.

Yeotai Nagayama has performed family dramas for many years, (japanese drama romantic) and even been dubbed a “divorce pro” by viewers. This story of pure love has been highly anticipated by his fans. Yoshioka Ri’s acting skills are highly acclaimed, and his film “A Love Like Ice Cream” tries to touch on gay love, which premieres on September 28 in Taiwan Mapping.

Japanese literature also has many romance dramas based on “time”. The best known is 1965’s The Girl Who Walked Through Space, which was remade eight times between 1983 and 2016. “Tomorrow, I’m Going to Date You Yesterday,” starring Nana Komatsuna, reinforces the idea of meeting like a cowgirl.

3. “My Second Youth”

My Second Youth japanese drama

First broadcast date: 2023/10/18
Plot type: romance, comedy, life growth
Main actors: Alice Hirose, Shunsuke Michioda
Follow-up platforms: KKTV, friDay Video, Hami Video

As you enter your 30s, whether you are worried about growing old, accomplishing nothing, or becoming a magician. Many Japanese dramas delicately depict the worries and complex emotions of crossing the “age threshold”. Should we start over or continue like this? Such riddles can never be explained clearly and never get tired of being explained.

“My Second Youth” (マイ・セカンド・アオハル) describes the 30-year-old protagonist Samako Shiratama (played by Hirose Alice), who has always been a person with bad luck. She once went to college to study architecture, but failed in the end, but she always told herself “this is wrong.”

But in this year, she met Ogasawara Taku (Michieda Shunsuke), and his words made her decide to pick up books and return to school. And what kind of relationship will these two people have in the future? 

As the “Silly Sister pro” after Ayaka Kai Ayase, Alice Hirose’s “positive up” pose in the play seems to be one of the settings that viewers love. This time, along with the rising popularity of Dōichi Sunyu, two people who have a difference of years both in and out of the theater, will bring what kind of easy love mini-series will be, something that fans will look forward to.

4. “Yesterday’s Food S2”

Yesterday's Food S2 japanese drama

Broadcast date: 2023/10/06
Plot type: love, same-sex, family
Main actors: Hidetoshi Nishijima, Saoyang Uchino 
Follow-up platform: KKTV Exclusive premiere (follow-up by Hami Video)

For two years, “Yesterday’s Food” (What is Kino Uno?), under the fervour of the audience knocking on a bowl. Season 2 is finally airing!

This time, Shiro Sang (Nishishima Hideon) and Yabuki Yabuki Yabuki (Uchino Sun) officially welcome “50 Crisis (Aura Fif)”. The audience will feel together with them how “age” will depict on the minds of both people, and what kind of life will bring to the small life of two people in a room and two. What minor changes. And the show’s core conditioning—cooking, will also feature tastier, more practical recipes.

How many records have been created in a late-night drama starring two uncles? The first season, which aired in April 2019, was not only the number one trending worldwide on Twitter, with more than one million total downloads on the streaming platform, and even won four awards at the 2019 Academy Awards. In response to the strong response from the audience, the New Year Special in 2020 and the movie version in 2021 received good ratings.

Yesterday’s Food Season 2 broadcast was announced, and not only fans cheered, but the two co-stars were also very happy. Nishijima Hsujun mentioned that he received a lot of support from the audience, which made him feel that he had to work hard to present a good work. Sengyang Uchino also felt that if he could make people in front of the television set feel the same way — immerse himself in a world where people are still humbled, even as he grows older, that is how he performs the play Intentions.


ONE DAY   japanese drama

Release date: 2023/10/10
Plot type: romance, suspense, puzzle
Main actors: Kazuya Ninomiya, Miki Nakatani, Takao Osawa
Follow the platform: friDay Audio and video exclusive follow

“Autumn Daytime Drama”, which spans the month of December, is always full of Christmas-related themes. Like 2004’s “Love at Christmas” has been hailed as a classic Tokyo love story of the 21st century; 2015’s “5 Night 9”, starring Shimei Ishihara and Shimoku Yamashita, and 2020’s “Love Warmer” is also a topic.

Watching the hero and heroine confess their love under the Christmas tree is an old story, but it has become a landmark plot in the autumn season every year.

Seiji Suruji (played by Ninomiya Kazuya), who unintentionally became a suspect, is chased by the police in order to retrieve his memory; after the death of his wife, the chef Tachibana Tokio (played by Osawa Takao) spent the rest of his life alone; Kikyō Kurauchi (played by Miki Nakatani), a journalist who has fallen in love and focused on her work, three seemingly unrelated people will become related people on the same line in the play.

6. Man Dress Up Housewife 6

Man Dress Up japanese drama.

Release date: 2023/10/11
Plot type: family, comedy, men dressing up as women
Main actors: Masahiro Matsuoka, Atsuko Hirata, Kimiko Yu, Hiyori Sakurada Follow-up
platform: friDay Video exclusive follow-up

After airing for several seasons, the charm of “The Housewife” (The Housewife’s Midwife) is back for a season 6 soon!

The story still begins with the “Yukya Housewife’s Home Office”, played by Matsuoka Matsuoka, the household “Fav” Mitanenoku, who moves into different families through the form of a unit drama and breaks down complex problems in the family, even the employer himself, combining current affairs, irony and intrigue, is a seemingly desolate and full of plot. Family career comedy with Japanese jokes.

In addition to continuing to perform, this season also includes a new generation of actors. Sakurada Hiwa, who played the lead character Suiyuan Chizuru in the live-action version of “Rent a Girlfriend”, plays Yakuchi Yakuchi, the new “young housewife” in the drama. Sakurada said she was very surprised to be able to join the cast. She also revealed that the characters in the series have a rich history of life, but they have an unknown secret in relationships and feelings, which is also one of the highlights of the drama.

Looking at it, there are probably a few things in common with the ability to run a number of seasons of long-running daytime dramas: consistent, engaging, engaging, resonant, and all of which are produced by Asahi TV. This time you can play a new role, climb to the top again and see the power of the script and the charm of the cast.

7. “Home Without a Hot Table”

Home Without a Hot Table japanese drama

Release date: 2023/10/19
Plot type: family, female
Main actors: Koike Eiko, Yoshioka Hidetaka, Kobayashi Kaoru, Sakuma Ryuto
Follow broadcast platform: KKTV exclusive premiere (Hami Video follow broadcast)

In Japanese dramas, if you want to talk about the contradictions between the family and the role of a “soft rice man, soft rice woman”, “Home Without a Hot Table” (Kota ツ Naga) also takes on a similar basis.

Cartoonist, aspiring to be an idol but trying to get a shot, divorced later in the year, and three hardships are arranged for a husband, son and father in their home. The main character, Manrieke Fukabori (Sakiko Koike), is a strongman in the workplace, trusted by superiors and subordinates, and is recognized by colleagues as a good wife and a good mother; but how can she solve her problems at home?

Screenwriter Kiko Maoshi, who created the same genre family drama “My Story Says”, eventually won the Tokyo International Drama Festival’s screenplay award, and Koike Koike played the role of a powerful mother in the drama.

In addition, Hidetaka Yoshioka and Kaoru Kobayashi, who played the role of the husband-in-law in the drama, have also starred in the popular Japanese dramas “Little Island Doctor” and “Midnight Diner”; the rising star Ryuto Sakuma is also widely loved in the late-night drama period. Starring actors are lined up, and the chemical effect produced by living under the same roof also arouses the expectations of drama fans.

8. “Black Family-The Revenge of the New Tang Family”

Black Family-The Revenge of the New Tang Family japanese drama

Release date: 2023/10/06
Plot type: suspense, family, revenge
Main actor: Yuka Itaya
Follow broadcast platform: TBD

Japanese society’s “zero tolerance” for crime extends mostly from prisoners to relatives. Therefore, many Japanese dramas often mention plots involving public trials and pressure from public opinion. However, this kind of trend often results in people initiating condemnation without distinguishing right from wrong. In the end, the families who are under pressure are often the ones who get hurt.

The black series produced by Yomiuri Television, released this year with the third installment, “Black Family – Revenge of the New Church -” (Blaircon Fumeriae) depicts an originally peaceful New Tōdo family, due to the sudden death of their young daughter (Nai Nai Nai), who is then sent to work in “Daddy Life” with her teacher (Aloilo).) In the scandal, a family became the target of social attacks.

Just then, Ichiba, a mother, Ichiba (played by Hatani), unexpectedly discovers that her daughter’s death may have something to do with the entrepreneur’s eldest daughter, and decides to join forces with a family to find the truth behind her young daughter’s death and the dark screen behind it.

Exactly how this family can peel off, find the true cause of their loved one’s death, and even finally achieve ultimate revenge. After watching the synopsis, the author feels like a “double pay back” family version is a “fast-paced revenge drama” rarely seen in this season.

9. “The Red Line of Teacher Yulia”


Release date: 2023/10/20
Plot type: comic, family, life
Main actors: Miho Kanno, Suzuka Eji, Matsuoka Mayu, Yoshise Michiko, Shida Mirai
Follow-up platform: To be determined

What would you do if one day you found out your husband had a boyfriend, girlfriend, and two kids? Whether it’s a cannibal drowning rescue partner or a mother’s Christmas choice, the novel “Teacher Yulia’s Red Line” (Mr. Akiito no Yuri), which won the 2023 Tezuka Jima Culture Prize, will be adapted into a television series.

Iizawa Yulia (Miho Sugano), who has spent many years with her husband, suffers from the feminine charms that have been lost with age, but she knows how to spend every day well enough. Yukoku, a self-described boyfriend, Yuuki Suzuka, a self-proclaimed girlfriend, Michiru Oyamada (Yoshiko Matsuyaoka), and two children. Julia, who already needs to take care of her husband, plus this chaotic situation, how is she supposed to handle herself?

“The Red Line of Teacher Julia”, which brings together many popular actors, can be overwrought and difficult to predict if you have never read the original. The main focus of the drama will be on Julia spending time with her family members who are “born into thin air,” and even on protecting her husband’s health, and possibly creating a new romance as the story progresses.

10. “Special destiny!” Special Accountant of the Metropolitan Police Department

Special destiny! Special Accountant of the Metropolitan Police Department japanese drama

Broadcast date: 2023/10/17
Plot type: Criminal, Accounting
Main actors: Hashimoto Kanna, Sawamura Kazuki, Matsumoto Marika
Follow broadcast platform: KKTV Exclusive premiere (Hami Video follows)

Last season’s “Police Supplement” discussed the tug-of-war between fairness and justice and lynching. The realistic themes and tight atmosphere were quite exciting. This season’s “Tetsu! “Special Accountant of the Metropolitan Police Department” opens a new proposition: How to measure funding and justice?

Unlike regular crime dramas, “Death!” Find the lead actress, Hashiamoto, and the voice is also more effortlessly cute. At the heart of the “operating funds” of the criminal police, the play depicts a lot of unknown expenditures made by the Mancho Department, the police, and even to hunt down criminals, without destroying objects, so that expenses continue to rise.

“Unnecessary expenses, stop me!” How can I save the operating expenses of the high cost of the operation of the festival, who was sent from the Special Accounting Department (Naka Hashimoto), who was sent here? And how do you convince the police and maintain police justice?

Hana Hashimoto’s visibility has recently opened up, leaving not only a sweet, but unfailing image in The Name of the King, but her recent film Murder Before, also topping the charts on streaming platforms. Ichi Sawamura, who starred with her, is known as a criminal police professional. You can see his image in Kanada 1, Absolute Zero, and Unsolved Girl. Which image will he embody again this time?

11. “My lawyer is in trouble”

My lawyer is in trouble japanese drama

Date of release: 2023/10/14
Plot type: legal affairs, entertainment industry, growth
Main actors: Tsuyoshi Muro, Yurina Hirate, Michiko Kishise
Follow-up platforms: KKTV, friDay Video, Hami Video

Known as “the man who probably saved the earth,” the studio will be working with former female idol group Sakurazaka Rina Hirai, former member of Sakurazaka 46, Aina Hashimoto and Kitakawa Keiko in the drama.

The plot of “My Lawyer Is in Trouble” (Nurse Hategagakaru) describes the story of a “super broker” who is originally a “super broker” who loses the focus of his career due to a business accident. At this time, he unexpectedly becomes the assistant of a new lawyer, Amano Amano (Naishika Yuriha), to help the ill-spoken Amano and play his legal talent. How do the last two become the best partners?

As a veteran actor, Murobu is very personal, whether he is a lead or supporting actor. The writer was always impressed by Bija, who played him in Flying Public Relations, who did not take away his acting style, but also exuded his own unique atmosphere. He also played the role of Conmin in the film The New Interpretation, The Three Kingdoms.

Japan’s Fuji TV attaches great importance to the rerun of “Golden 9 Hours”, which was rebroadcast for 54 years. In contrast to the theatrical trailer for “Looking at Each Other”, the show features the two actors conversing in a setting similar to that of the Japanese variety show “Tōko’s Room”. Muro laughed, “The first time I met, I found out that I didn’t seem to hear the voices of my flatmates.” This drama takes a serious or funny route, which makes it quite curious.

12. “Fermat’s Cuisine”

Fermat's Cuisine japanese drama

Release date: 2023/10/21
Plot type: food, mathematics, comic book
Main actors: Takahashi Fumiya, Shison Jun, Oshiba Fenghua
Follow-up platform: KKTV, friDay audio and video

Adapted from the comic strip of the same name, the story follows the genius math boy Kitadake (Takahashi Bunya), who aspires to become a mathematician, but drops out of school for the sake of it. It was at this time that he met a mysterious chef, Asakura Hai (Shizun Juno), who recognized him, and set out on the path of cooking. He uses his unique mathematical thinking skills to create many delicious dishes that can’t be matched.

Takahashi Manya’s acting career has changed a lot, and she has had a very high exposure in many of her major works “Favorite” and “The Goddess’s Classroom” in recent years. Chizon-chun has performed “The Way of the Warlord” and “Mess! Both of them are playing the roles of chefs for the first time, and they are both looking forward to works such as “I Will Be the Head of the House”.

Fangana Kōshiba will also play the young chef in charge of the appetizer in the drama, which he has played for several seasons in a row, and his acting prowess is also gradually being seen. She played a soup curry shop clerk in Listen to My Radio Bar, and as a dining car cook in Food Detective Chiguro, this time she actually walked into the kitchen, played a chef, and made her laugh, “Cooking class now.”

The directors of this play, Yasuharu Ishii and Shunichi Hirano, have directed Nikko Theater’s “LAST MAN” and the 2022 version of “The Scammer”. I believe that “Fermat’s Cuisine” can also present a fully exciting and exciting scene.

13. “Adventure in the Pocket”

Adventure in the Pocket japanese drama

Release date: 2023/10/20
Plot type: meta-set, fantasy, adventure
Main actors: Nishino Nanase, Kasamatsu Sho, Uchida Rio, Hirano Aya
Follow-up platform: To be determined

The story depicts the protagonist, Akejo Yuen (Nishino Nanase) growing up in the Game Boy and Pokémon-inspired world of the 1990s, immersing herself in games with her siblings and perhaps even making a wish to “become a creator.” However, dreams end up being torn between reality and when she faces a career decision, she receives a tape of Game Boy consoles and cards sent from her old home. The turning points of the story and the giant wheel of fantasy adventure begin quietly.

This kind of post-production uses the year’s “big animation” and the players’ dreams to create a powerful impression of the audience. It not only breaks the walls of “dreams are full of dreams, reality, but bones,” but also allows fans to empathize with the characters in the show.

Nishino Nase, whose debut in the all-female troupe “Nogizaka 46”, has witnessed a growing acting career. She has continued to hone her acting skills in recent years, appearing in this summer’s “Doctor Chocolate” in a very different way. This time it was fun to find Nishino Nanase to play this kind of “electric gamer”, and maybe the love she got out of her relationship in July was due to the “video game” acquaintance.

14. “I pushed to become my boss”

 I pushed to become my boss japanese drama

Release date: 2023/10/04
Plot type: romance, workplace, manga
Main actors: Airi Suzuki, Ryota Katayose
Broadcasting platform: TBD

“Push” is the abbreviation of “Push (Oshi)” in Japanese. It originally refers to recommending something to someone. In the fan circle, it is derived to describe “one’s favorite idol”. Japanese drama romantic.

These types of topics are actually quite common, living next door to an idol, becoming an idol broker, being a member of an idol group, and this time, whoever is in the heart of the fan is going to be your boss. In “I Pushed My Boss” (Shiga Kamaishi to Narita), the main character Nakajo Hitoto (Suzuki Arishiko) regrets that his idol is turned away. The next day, when I was at work, I suddenly saw the other person appear in the form of the famous Takahashi Shuichi, and even become his own boss — was it really to keep a distance, or an opportunity to get acquainted?

The answer to this question is not solved. However, in the past, Idols played a secret love interest in “Kiss at 0 at Midnight” and became famous for his interactions with Taitō Taishi, who became famous in “What Happened to My Brother Love Me” blinded a group of fans, whom the author thinks he is known as the “sister machine”, and this time will surely please his sister in front of the screen. Sister’s eyes are straight pink with love.

15. “Party Guy Kong Ming”

Party Guy Kong Ming japanese drama

Release date: 2023/09/28
Plot type: manga, comedy, showbiz
Main actors: Ri Mukai, Moe Kamishiraishi, Fujioka Indigo, Queen Bee lead vocalist AVU chan
follow-up platform: friDay audio and video exclusive follow-up

Japan’s fascination with the topic of the three countries means that they say second and no one dares to say first. In recent years, the new interpretation of “The New Interpretation, the Three Kingdoms” has been reinvented by the theme games such as Three Kingdoms, as well as the glorious Yokoyama series “Three Kingdoms”, which has received many positive reviews, both manga and animation, has been reinvented in recent years. Kao Ming, who believes that the drama will spark another wave of “Three Kingdoms Fever” after the adaptation of the drama.

After the Battle of Gojohara, who died of illness in the Battle of Gojohara, after blinking his eyes and passing through Shibuya, Japan, thousands of years ago, he suddenly spoke Japanese, and on some mysterious occasion, he came across a love of singing, but was deeply captivated by her singing voice. As a result, the decision is made to cast the other side as the “princess” of the 21st century, using the schemes accumulated in the past, to get the hero on the big stage along the way.

Japan’s Fuji TV watched the show’s high popularity and announced an announcement early before the start of the Summer Day drama, which caused a lot of discussion on social media.

16. “Lower and upper ball”

Lower and upper ball japanese drama

Release date: 2023/10/16
Plot type: baseball, heartwarming, campus
Main actors: Suzuki Ryohei, Kuroki Hana, Yamashita Mitsuki, Ikase Katsuhisa, Kohinata Fumyo, Koizumi Kotaro Follow broadcasting platform: KKTV, friDay audio and video,
Hami Video

With a baseball theme, meet Ryohira Suzuki, Kurokiwa, Kuroki Munsei, and more to play a team miracle “below”.

Adapted from the original novel of the same name, it depicts a baseball player, Nanunsuji (Suzuki Leira), retired from injury, who becomes a consultant to a high school baseball team who is “facing the fate of unraveling” due to an accident. As the plot progresses, he supports, grows, and challenges the highest arena in Japanese college baseball — the summer Kōko Park, together with young players.

For the first time in a sports-type drama, Suzuki revealed that he has done a lot of kung fu in character shaping and even watching Otani Shohira games to get to know the game atmosphere of the stadium.

The series was created by the three of the original “Favorite” horse — screenwriter Oji Sadoko Oji, producer Shunko Shinai and director Yuko Tsubara. Unlike the previous idea of “sports is hot,” their creative style is more insightful and more focused on the inner thoughts of sculpting characters. The story of “Son of Kick on the Ball” is expected to start with the players’ “souls” as a starting point, opening new paths in passion and warmth.

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