What kind of cooperation are Taiwanese companies secretly cooperating with Huawei? 

Ministry of Economic Affairs: Preliminary understanding is that it is a low-level job, but will investigate again

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What kind of cooperation are Taiwanese companies secretly cooperating with Huawei?

Bloomberg reports that Taiwan’s Chongyue, Hantang and four other tech companies helped Huawei set up chip factories. Minister of Economy Wang Meihua said in court that the works were treated at a relatively low level of wastewater, environmental protection, etc., without critical technology, and that further investigations would be conducted against the suppliers to find out that there were no violations of the US Entity List rules and reminded them of compliance with relevant domestic and foreign regulations.

For the details of the investigation, the Ministry of Economic Affairs added that the Tender Committee would verify whether the business currently carried out by the vendor was within the scope of the original approval, and the Trade Department would also assist suppliers to confirm their physical inventory management in the United States and to remind them not to violate domestic export control regulations.

Taiwanese factory assists Huawei in handling low-level matters, but does not involve key technologies

Wang Meihua went to the Economic Committee of the Legislative Yuan to report on business and prepare for questions. Democratic Progressive Party legislator Lai Ruilong was concerned about the fact that Taiwanese factories were named for assisting Huawei in building factories. Wang Meihua said that Taiwan has strict regulations on the outflow of key technologies to ensure national security and core technologies. After preliminary understanding, it was found that the Taiwanese factory was dealing with relatively low-level factory construction projects, including wastewater, environmental protection and other work, and did not involve key technologies.

As for the US Entity List Control Regulations, Wang Meihua said that if a manufacturer uses US technology and equipment and cannot cooperate with companies listed in the US entity list, most of the suppliers are also clear about the US regulations. The Ministry of Economy will continue to master the new US control regulations to help manufacturers to understand at the earliest possible time. Tread the red line by mistake.

In addition to reminding suppliers not to violate U.S. regulations, Mr. Ryan said, the Ministry of Economy should provide counseling if they violate U.S. regulations. WANG MEIHUA PROMISED TO SUBMIT A PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION REPORT IN ABOUT A MONTH.

Wang Meihua further explained that if the Taiwanese factory violates U.S. control measures, future product exports to the United States and cash flows will be restricted, which will have an impact on the company’s business activities. tech evn – latest

Huawei manufactures chips through DUV, but there are problems with overheating and low yield.

Huawei recently announced a new machine, prompting international speculation about whether Chinese chip development has broken through the US technology blockade. When asked by the National People’s Party Committee, Chun-chuan Chuan, said that the government should make early preparations to help Taiwan’s information and communications industry respond to the impact of Huawei’s technological development.

In addition, China’s Ministry of Commerce announced in April that it would conduct an investigation into trade barriers for Taiwanese goods, and the investigation will be concluded by January 12 next year at the latest. Many legislators are concerned about the impact of the trade barrier investigation.

Wang Meihua said that China’s actions at this time have political implications. She believes that “politics should return to politics and economics to economics.” She still hopes that the two sides will return to the WTO mechanism for consultations.

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